One Year in the Yakima Valley

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Before we get all excited about harvest and crush in September, here is a snapshot of our year in the Yakima Valley, verbiage courtesy of a rediscovered vintage Visitor’s Center brochure. read more…

Punching Down

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WARNING: Muscles required.
There is a point in the wine-making process, after crush and when fermentation is just beginning, that muscles are required. Not that they aren’t required throughout the rest of the year for basically everything that is done around here (lest I am remiss)… but it is during this time that they are put to the test: can you punch down with the professionals?
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CRUSH (n.)
1. During harvest season when the grapes are picked then crushed or squeezed for juice.
2. A painful experience, very common among middle schoolers, that involves being obsessed with a member of the opposite sex for any length of time; also, the object of this affection.

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And so it all begins…

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We’ve picked almost two tons of big, beautiful, brixy fruit already (Roussanne and some Tempranillo) and have much more ahead (Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Semillon today) …harvest has arrived, yes it has.

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Oops…Have Not Posted in a While

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Since our last posting, almost a month ago (my bad), a lot has happened. We have finished harvesting everything for ourselves and only have two tons of late harvest Riesling and Petite Verdot for other wineries to go, pressed off all of the Syrah, Cab Franc, Myer Merlot and Cab, the Cab Franc Rose’, Riesling, Viognier and Chardonnay and finished with fermentation, we had a frost scare, I got Swine Flu (I do not really think it was H1N1 but it makes for a better story) in the middle or our busiest week, and we picked the most fruit ever by over double in a single week, we held the first annual Great Grape Stomp and had another great Winemaker for a Day event (pictured above). Living the dream we like to say.

Hopefully all of my whinning makes the tardy posting a little justifiable.

The light is at the end of the tunnel and it is great. We still have 35 tons fermenting but should be done with that by the end of next week. It has been the craziest harvest we have dealt with but fruit quality was outstanding so it is worth it. A full harvest recap to come in the near (sooner than a month) future.

The crew is now winterizing irrigation and equipment, fixing all of things we break during harvest and hold together with duct tape and a prayer and generally taking a deep breath. Matt has been busy monitoring fermentation (50 tons at once is a lot for us) and I have been his cellar rat for the past few days.
There are videos of both the Great Grape Stomp and Winemaker for a Day posted our Facebook page.
More interesting and thoughtful postings to come…

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