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2018 Events

-March 23rd - New Vintage - Seattle
-March 24th Taste - Washington - Seattle
-April 21-29th - Spring Barrel Tasting - Zillah
-May 26th - Rosé Release Weekend - Zillah
-June 23rd - Low Country Boil - Zillah (Club Only)
-July 21st - Comedy Night - Zillah
-August 11th - Dinner and A Movie - Zillah
-September 1st - Family Movie Night - Zillah
-October 13th - Winemaker for a Day - Zillah
For more information drop us a line.  Or tickets can be purchased here!


One Year in the Yakima Valley

Categories: HarvestVineyard

Before we get all excited about harvest and crush in September, here is a snapshot of our year in the Yakima Valley, verbiage courtesy of a rediscovered vintage Visitor’s Center brochure. read more…

Let’s Chill…

Categories: Wine

It’s hot out there! Like, 90 degrees outside hot. All the more reason for a chilled, crispy glass of something delicious.  If you’re strapped for time or if you’re not, Dr. Vino has you covered. Here are his best tips for getting that wine from zero to chilly in no time:

Two Mountain rocking the ice bucket

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Cowboys & Wine

Categories: Wine

In late June we had the privilege of joining K Bar L for their Wine in the Wilderness retreat—where we tasted and paired wine, rode horseback, and enjoyed the gorgeous sweeping Montana views. It was an unforgettable weekend. read more…

Complex and Elusive: Mouthfeel

Categories: Wine

This is a post about body and mouthfeel. Whoa…! Easy killer. This is a wine blog! We’re talking about the texture of wine here…

Creamy, rich, smooth, silky, juicy, supple, viscous, lean… These days, balance, body, and astringency (all factors contributing to the texture of wine) are right alongside aroma and flavor as factors leading consumers buying choices. Said some Pacific Northwesterner somewhere: It’s all about the way it feels.

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Punching Down

Categories: Harvest
WARNING: Muscles required.
There is a point in the wine-making process, after crush and when fermentation is just beginning, that muscles are required. Not that they aren’t required throughout the rest of the year for basically everything that is done around here (lest I am remiss)… but it is during this time that they are put to the test: can you punch down with the professionals?
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